CORTROL VMS integrates OPTEX's award-winning laser detector product series.  The integration between CORTROL and Optex' s "Third Eye" laser detector drastically reduces false alarms in outdoor environments.

(Available devices: RLS-2020i, RLS2020s, RLS3060L)

RLS-2020 series perfectly eliminates Root Causes of Video False Alarms in an Outdoor Environments.

- Sudden or significant lighting changes from clouds
- Artificial lighting flashes
- Solar glare, shadows
- Reflections off water
- Continuous movement of sands or grasses in fields
- Insects, spider webs or rain drops on camera’s lens
- Hail, Snow, Fog, Rain

CORTROL can add the Redscan series the same way as a camera, even with no streaming video. Triggers from Redscan can be configured in Event and Action manager for actions such as: Live pop-up, Automatic audio playbacks, Bookmark video archives, Email sending, PTZ camera control, and others. 

CORTROL detects REDSCAN's allocated alarm zone (4 areas):
CORTROL detects the REDSCAN system alarm notifications such as Anti-rotation and masking, Internal Errors, Soiling detection error, Physical tamper, and others.
The CORTROL approach to create a systematic layered security: