Detection Is The First Step
Remotely monitored systems are event driven and rely on a trigger:


Immediate Security Action Requirements:
  • High Frame Rate Recording
  • Full power, zoned lighting
  • Visual verification
  • Appropriate Response
Increase The Value of Video Management Software and IP Video Surveillance
Integrating Optex IP sensors and detectors with your Video Management Software increases the effectiveness of video detection and surveillance applications by addressing common problems associated with video driven solutions.   
Definitive IP Sensors And Detector Product Specifications
Optex has definitive product specifications for motion detection for IP perimeter applications.  This includes:

  • Environmental conditions that lower the effectiveness of IP video detection and surveillance
  • Varying Site Configurations 
  • Integrated System and Power Requirements  
Multiple IP Sensor and Detection Technology 
Optex's multiple IP sensor and detection technology options  gives you flexibility and choice based on your application needs
Pair Video Detection Technologies Optex IP Sensors and Detectors 
Create an alarm condition when the physical detector triggers a motion event, activating camera and video analytics while reducing false alarms caused by environmental changes
 “Both video analytics and thermal imaging can add an additional layer of protection to any perimeter-specific application. When used in conjunction with more traditional perimeter solutions, the degree of protection that can be realized is significant!”

Benchmark Magazine Sept 2013

See how you can increase the value of your VMS using Optex IP sensors and detectors
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