The industry leader in Geo-Spatial Proceduralized Response Control (G-SPRC), The HawkEye Effect uses GPS-style coordinates to provide timely, automatic, pre-programmed responses to critical incidents. The HawkEye Effect is Hardware/Software agnostic and connects Event Detection Systems [including Gunshot Location, Motion Detectors, Video Analytic Systems, and RFID Readers]; to Critical Response Systems: including Video Management Software, PTZ Camera Networks, Access Control systems and messaging services (SMS, email, etc.).

  • Mapping software gives security professionals the bird’s eye view
  • Create a custom map that tracks GPS points
  • Add assets – PTZ and fixed cameras, Redscan laser detectors, PIR detectors, and more
  • In minutes create a custom map of your facility or campus
  • Ties in directly with Milestone XProtect Smart Client
  • Clicking the ‘Icons’ pulls up the camera feeds and the sensor reads

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Hawkeye Site Mapping Plugin
Using Optex sensors and detectors with HawkEye Effect software products gives you advanced perimeter security intelligence with your VMS.
RedHawk allows end users to protect precise locations by integrating user-determined security procedures with critical site information and exact target positions. RedHawk builds a custom GPS map providing users with heightened visual awareness of critical assets and key locations. RedHawk uses Target information from the OPTEX Redscan Laser Detector (RLS) to gather accurate information about Target position in relation to these key locations. When a Target enters a protected area, RedHawk automatically initiates the custom security response. 

In conjunction with Milestone XProtect, PTZ camera networks, and other critical response systems like Access Control or IP relays, RedHawk provides a variety of layered security options automatically, without the need of human involvement.  

  • ​ Allows end users to create automatic customized security procedures
  •  Secure precise locations with video verification while minimizing false alarms
  •  Create custom zones based on GPS data, satellite images or blueprints
  •   Automatically track single or multiple objects in real time even in obstructed or difficult lighting
  •   Create custom response rules for each of your defined zones
  •   Send event alarms to access control or other outputs

Need more information?  Please read our FAQ here​
Visit The HawkEye Effect here
Visit The HawkEye Effect here
RedHawk can auto-track objects and respond based on custom zones on a GPS map.
HawkEye Site improves situation awareness for perimeter security intrusions  
PTZ Auto Tracking and Response customizable to an end user's security procedures.  
Summary Of RedHawk PTZ Auto Tracking and Response
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