The OPTEX RPG-AXIS1 a plug-in software for Axis Compatible Application Platform enabled network cameras to track or record a person or object by integrating OPTEX IP products.  

Integrating Axis network cameras with OPTEX IP Detectors provides additional intelligence to end user cameras for powerful IP perimeter intrusion solutions. Optex IP detectors integrate directly into AXIS network cameras combining video verification and Optex Laser, Passive Infrared or Photoelectric detection technologies creating benefits such as:

- AXIS ACAP integration provides access to the Optex Redscan laser detector’s built-in detection modes for specific perimeter intrusion applications. 

- Optex’s definitive product specifications to detect objects and activate cameras with minimal effects from common environmental and lighting conditions that cause false positives, minimizing false alarms.

- Using Redscan in conjunction with video analytics and Axis thermal network cameras enhances perimeter security allowing analytics to confirm identity and threat level of detected objects. 
Create a Double Knock Motion Detection System by Adding Optex Sensors to Minimize False Alarms
Faster Event Response
ACAP plugin provides direct integration to Axis network cameras. Instead of relying on a (supported) VMS to merge sensor and camera movements, the sensor is able to directly communicate with the camera. This can simplify the integration challenge of getting three separate entities all working together, to a single integrated communication.
Control PTZ Camera With Multiple Detectors
Connect up to three Optex detectors to one Axis network camera. This allows you to connect multiple detection field of views to one network camera. Axis network camera can manage event actions to all of the detector’s alarm zones.
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Supported Axis Model Numbers
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The OPTEX ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform) plug-in module allows OPTEX’s IP based detection sensors to send commands directly to an Axis network camera. The main feature makes it easy for a camera to actively move and zoom based on alarm outputs from the sensor. Other commands are supported, like triggering the camera to record, or trip output contacts that turn on lights, alarms, or send alerts.
OPTEX Redscan Laser Detector
OPTEX Redwall SIP (Passive Infrared) Detectors
Using ACAP eliminates the need for a VMS to act as intermediary. In the past, this level of integration only worked with Exacq, Genetec, and Milestone VMS. With ACAP, the resulting integration is useful in any VMS supporting Axis network cameras - one of the most widely supported camera brands.
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See how easy it is to set up our plug-in software to Axis network cameras for full camera control, visual verification and sending event based responses directly from the camera 
Connect To Any VMS That Recognizes AXIS Cameras
See how easy it is to set up our plug-in software to Axis Camera Station VMS for Full PTZ camera control, visual verification and sending event based responses directly from the camera 
See the full range of features and benefits integrating OPTEX IP detectors with ACAP Network Cameras
See the benefits of creating a double knock detection system using the OPTEX ACAP