Technology Partners

Create an alternative to hardwiring Redwall products by wirelessly transmitting Alarm Signals with Inovonics

Integrate Redwall products in a WiFi point-to-point or point-to-multi-point FluidMesh Network

Mobile Pro Systems power based hybrid platforms and various technologies provide effective rapid security solutions for any temporary/semi-temporary perimeter security application. Mobile Pro Systems offers the ability to integrate network based video cameras, video management software, wireless mesh, cellular communications and solar power. Additionally, remotely monitored systems are driven by motion and rely on a trigger. Mobile Pro Systems integrates Optex’s world leading detection and sensor technology providing your rapid security system with highly effective detection solutions.  
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Typical applications
Video Surveillance
Perimeter Detection
Network Relay Point
Remote Access
Parking Lots/Ramps
Entrance/Exit Locations
Protect Employees/Customers
Protect Against Theft & Vandalism
Traffic Checkpoints
Accident Scenes
Hazmat Scenes

Active applications
Homeland Security/Terrorist Incidents
Law Enforcement
University/College Campuses
Emergency Management
Special/National Events
Auto Dealers
Petrol/Chemical and Utilities
Mobile Pro Systems Capabilities

Mesh, Point to Point, Point to Multi-point, Cellular, WiFi, Satellite, GPS, 900 MHz

IP Network, Fixed, PTZ Dome, HD1080p, Megapixel on both fixed and PTZ, Thermal, LPR

LED Flood lights, IR Illuminators

EDGE NVR Camera-based, EDGE Remote Access, Laptop NVR/Server, NVR Software

Video Analytics:
Highly effective video analytics & Motion Detection

OPTEX Detection Technology:
Long, Medium & Short Range PIR
Dual Technology PIR/Microwave
Photoelectric Beams 70’ to 650’ Range
Laser Perimeter Detection
Fiber Optic Perimeter Fence Detection

Red/Blue or Amber/Blue LED Strobe Lights, 2-way Audio, Sirens