Increase the value of Video Insight Video Management Software and IP Video Surveillance
Video Insight VMS integrates OPTEX Redscan for a more accurate motion trigger system
Redscan series can be added to Video Insight VMS the same way as a camera, even with no streaming video.  Triggers from Redscan can be configured in Rule Manager for actions such as: Live pop-up, Email sending, PTZ camera control, and others.  

Integration allows you to manage both network and I/O relay commands directly in Video Insight.  The ability to set local and network related Redscan driven security events is easy.  You also have the ability to trigger Raytec IP lighting with HTTP commands providing a video lighting solution coupled with Redscan motion trigger events.

Perfect Industry solutions that require both network and I/O alarm management such as:

Education                Retail
Healthcare               Logistics
Finance                   Cultural
Transportation       More....   
RLS-2020 and RLS-3060 Configurations
Ability to manage Redscan I/O Relay Input
         - Rule trigger event detects when closed
        - Relay Outputs rule action activates the 3 relay outputs to open or close
Redscan Event rules triggered
        - Redscan allocated alarm zones
        - Environmental disqualification
        - Anti-rotation and masking
        - Internal error
        - Soiling detection (when to clean the lens)
        - Physical tamper

Auto-discover Optex Redscan devices                          Simple device configuration                                                                Actions

Optex Models supported:

    RLS-2020i                                Firmware version 2.0b or later
    RLS-2020S                              Firmware version 2.0b or later
    RLS-3060L                               Firmware version or later
    RLS-3060SH                            Firmware version or later

Please contact your local Optex contact for the latest compatible firmware
Required Video Insight VMS Software:

Video Insight VMS (RLS-2020)                                      Version 7.2.0 or later
​Video Insight VMS (RLS-3060)                                      Version 7.5.0 or later
Download Integration Manual for RLS-2020 here
Download Integration Manual for RLS-3060 here