Axis PIR Double Knock:  Get Effective Motion Detection By Adding OPTEX Leading Outdoor PIR Products With Axis Network Cameras
Use Optex's leading outdoor PIR detectors to minimize false alarms and trigger recording events.  Use any Axis Network camera with an I/O feature to directly power any Optex outdoor PIR (under 50 mA)
Wiring is simple
Minimize False Alarms
Swaying Grass
Darkness or varying lighting conditions
Shadows and sun glare
Video Verify Alarm Conditions
Available Optex PIR Models
Match camera and detector field of views

Compact Detection
(16.4 x 3.3 ft.)
* Products are also available using ACAP.  Click here for more details

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Spot Detection
High Mount
(40 x 50 ft.)
(80 x 6 ft.)

Spot Detection
Wall or Pole Mount
(40 x 40 ft.)

Boundary Detection
Wall or Pole Mount
(80 x 3.3 ft.)

Spot Detection
High Mount
(40 x 50 ft.)
(80 x 6 ft.)

*SIP-3020 (100 x 65 ft.)
*SIP-3020/5 (w/ creep zone)
*SIP-404 (130 x 13 ft.)
*SIP-404/5 (w/ creep zone)
*SIP-4010 (130 x 33 ft.)
*SIP-4010/5​ (w/ creep zone)

Mid/Long Range Detection
Pet Immunity
Optex detectors will not trigger recording when the lower zone detects a moving object
Detection in areas with varying environmental conditions and lighting
For 360 Degree (Indoor Only) Detection
360°, 25ft. to 40ft. diameter ceiling mount indoor
360° 60ft. Diameter Commercial Ceiling Mount w/Zoom Function. Mounts from 8ft. to 16ft. high. 
Compatible With All Axis Network Cameras With 12V I/O Ports
M10 Series- M1004-W

M11 Series- M1124, M1124E, M1125, M1125E, M1145, M1145-L

M30 Series- M3024-LVE, 3025-VE, 3026-VE, 3027-PVE, 3037-PVE

P13 Series- P1357, 1357-E, 1364, 1364-E, 1365 Mk II, 1365-E Mk II

P14 Series- P1425-LE Mk II, 1427-LE, 1428-E, 1435-LE, 1435-LE 22 mm

P33 Series- P3364-LV 12 mm, 3364-LV 6 mm, 3364-LVE 12 mm, 3364-LVE 6 mm, 3364-V 12 mm, 3364-VE 12 mm, 3364-VE 6 mm, 3365-V, 3365-VE, 3367-V, 3367-VE, 3384-V, 3384-VE

P39-R Series- P3915-R, P3915 R M12

P54 Series- P5414-E, P5415-E

P55 Series- P5514, P5515

P56 Series- P5635-E Mk II

Q16 Series- Q1615 Mk II, Q1615-E Mk II, Q1635, Q1635-E, Q1659 (All)

Q17 Series- Q1765-LE, Q1775, Q1775-E

Q19 Series- (All)

Q29 Series- Q2901-E 19 mm, Q2901-E 9 mm

Q35 Series- (All)

Q60 Series- Q6045-S Mk II, Q6052, Q6054, Q6055

V59 Series- V5914, V5915