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Perimeter Solution with XProtect and Optex IP Sensors/Detectors
Integrate detectors into Milestone XProtect Corporate and XProtect Enterprise for Video Verification and full control of your perimeter security in all lighting conditions
Integrating Optex IP sensors/detectors into XProtect Corporate and XProtect Enterprise video management software (VMS) links data from detectors with video from corresponding cameras. Optex sensors/detectors can be configured to trigger cameras to start recording, allowing surveillance operators to visually verify detections and help reduce the number of false alarms.

Solutions for outer perimeters
Improve efficiency by integrating Optex Redscan® laser scan and Passive Infrared (PIR) detectors into Milestone XProtect software. Detectors and video are displayed together in the easy-to-use Milestone XProtect® Smart Client interface, eliminating the need to run two separate applications, while lowering bandwidth consumption.

Benefits of the Optex integration

  • Increased Reliability: To significantly reduce false alarms, advanced sensing algorithms in Redscan and Redwall detectors provide accurate detection in real time.
  • Detection in difficult lighting conditions: The detectors provide advanced detection accuracy in environments where there is inconsistent or no lighting. 
  • Improved response in real-time: With the map function in XProtect Smart Client, the detectors can immediately identify the point of intrusion so users can verify a security incident and respond fast.
  • Improved evidence: Record, play back and export sensor/detector data with video to provide an accurate timeline and overview of incidents.

Superior integration with XProtect
Optex detectors enhance the already powerful live monitoring capabilities of XProtect Corporate and XProtect Enterprise,
which include:
  • Defined Motion Detection Areas  Create pre-set no alarm zones
  • Interactive, multi-layered maps give a comprehensive visual overview of all types of devices and layouts, providing supreme situational awareness and quick response time
  • The Alarm Manager shows a consolidated overview of the security system alarms providing immediate visual verification and a decrease in the number of false alarms
  • The Camera Navigator efficiently tracks moving objects and automatically displays nearby cameras whenever camera feeds are viewed

Adding advanced detection to XProtect VMS is easy with add-on device packs that fully integrate Optex detectors.​
Create Systematic Layered IP Perimeter Security With Optex Sensors
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Overview of the full integration benefits of Milestone and OPTEX Redscan Laser Detector
System Diagram For Connecting to Milestone XProtect
See how easy it is to register the Redscan Laser Detector in XProtect
Milestone Certified Solution Partner, The HawkEye Effect created RedHawk software for PTZ Auto Tracking/Response using GPS and Redscan Laser detector X/Y data
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