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Optex Perimeter Security Sensors Can Help Your Sales

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  • Integration with Genetec and Exacq Technologies.  Click here to see how 
  • Your one source for all perimeter protection needs
  • Maximize VMS software value with intelligent motion trigger
  • High quality video surveillance at low bandwidth
  • Minimize false alarms
  • Layered protection integration for critical infrastructure
  • 30 years of perimeter protection experience
Smart Video Activation

On outdoor applications, under low brightness conditions, Video Motion sensitivity gets lower. But, Redwall detectors can keep the same detection performance in dark conditions. This simplifies tracking a intruder’s location with presets vs. joy-stick controls on video surveillance applications.

In addition, on actual operation, there are a lot of false alarms by insect and/or spider nets on the camera cover and light conditions. 

Redwall detectors do not rely on camera images to detect objects which means...

Redwall Detectors Provide Real Intelligent Analytics

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Eliminate Root Causes of Video False Alarms in an Outdoor Environment**

  • Sudden or significant lighting changes from clouds

  • Artificial lighting flashes

  • Solar glare, shadows

  • Reflections off water

  • Continuous movement of sands or grasses in fields

  • Insects, spider webs or rain drops on camera’s lens

  • Hail, Snow, Fog, Rain

**Cautionary notes and requirements from a video intelligent analytics software provider; 

-Appropriate lighting of the scene with a flicker rate lower than that of the camera frame rate
-Lighting should be uniform
-Using an image sensor with a sufficient spectral response
-Suitable video transmission mediums
-Absence of insects or debris near the camera lens
-Proper contrast output from the camera
-Very stable mounting of the camera, especially if a high zoom is used

Create a Systematic Layered Approach To IP Perimeter Security
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Innovation through Partnership
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OPTEX is integrated with: 
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Redscan RLS3060 Features & Applications
OPTEX is now Integrated with AXIS PTZ Cameras
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Laser Guard
Laser Wall
Laser Fence
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New Product:  Introducing the RLS-2020- The latest addition to OPTEX's award winning laser detector product series
Short Range Laser Detector
Create a Double Knock Motion Detection System by Adding Optex Sensors to Minimize False Alarms
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